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Meet Chef Chris Rivera!

Chef Chris Rivera is the Executive Chef at the prestigious Southern Hills Country Club. Chances are if you have dined at Southern Hills you have enjoyed Chef Chris Rivera’s culinary talents.

Why did you choose to do Ripple 2017? 

Two years ago I was asked to take part in Ripple 2015, I’ll admit I didn’t know much about it or Project Hope at the time. I met for coffee with Ripple’s Chairman, who explained Project Hope to me and all the good it was creating in different areas of the world. I was immediately sold. At Ripple 2015, and since then, I have met others involved in Project Hope and noticed that they all carry the same enthusiasm, and I love it. Ripple 2015 was a great event and I was very pleased to be asked to be back for Ripple 2017.

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Why are you passionate about Project Hope and its Mission? 

Project Hope’s Mission seems like a no brainer and a true charity to help a real problem throughout the world. What has really stuck with me is the passion and enthusiasm behind Project Hope and everyone I’ve met involved with the organization.

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What is your favorite Dish to prepare? 

Some of my favorite dishes to prepare are any braised items, such as a lamb shank. I love the slow cooking process and technique that goes into it and the stick to your bones feeling you get eating them on a cold winter night.

What is a Fun Fact about you?

I’m very motivational, I’m the hype guy, I probably should have been a motivational speaker, football coach, drill sergeant or such… I am also a die-hard “Rocky” fan. I can quote all 4 movies back to back.


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