Meet Chef Erik Reynolds!

Chef Erik Reynolds is the Executive Chef and Owner of SMOKE. on Cherry Street. Chef Erik Reynolds and SMOKE. on Cherry Street have received rave reviews from various articles and continues to wow guests with its impressive menu and exquisite dinning atmosphere .

Why did you choose to do Ripple 2017?

I choose to do Ripple because I believe in the mission.

Why are you passionate about Project Hope and its Mission?  

I am passionate about Ripple because I was a fatherless child, raised by a single mother. Knowing now how important it is to have a positive male role model in your life.


What is your favorite Dish to prepare?

I really don’t have a favorite dish. I get the most enjoyment cooking for the family on holidays.

What is a Fun Fact about you?

I love fishing, any fishing but my passion is Fly Fishing.

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