Meet Chef Joel Bein!

Chef Joel Bein is the Owner/Chef of Rub BBQ/BBQ fusion food truck; Co-creator of Cafe Karma, a non-profit that feeds the homeless; Co-Owner/Pit-Master of The Smoke Hole BBQ Drive Thru; Post Cherry Street Farmers Market Farm to Fork Pop-Up Dinners; Co-Creator/Partner of The Park in the Pearl Food Truck Park and the Managing Editor of the Food Truck Section for

Why did you choose to do Ripple 2017? 

I was approached by someone who told me about this amazing event that I needed to get involved with. So here I am!

Why are you passionate about Project Hope and its Mission? 

I am passionate about being an advocate for children and seeing that their needs are met. I served as the President of the PTA at Lanier Elementary in Tulsa and saw a very immediate need. We had children that only had regular meals when they were at school. I started an initiative where food was sent home with children so that they could eat over the weekend. No child should go hungry.


What is your favorite Dish to prepare? 

At Rub we have a brunch that will change your life. It’s Smoked Lobster Claw Eggs Benny. I promise it’ll be one of the best things you’ve ever tasted.

What is a Fun Fact about you?

I use to be a touring DJ. They called me “Joel B” and I even performed at concerts with the DJ from the Beastie Boys, Peter Hook from New Order and many more.

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