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Meet Chef Trey Winkle!

Chef Trey Winkle is the Executive Chef at the R Bar & Grill on Brookside. Chef Trey Winkle has been featured in the Tulsa World and hosted KOTV’s Cooking Corner where he cooked up a delicious meal using ingredients found at the local Food Market.

Why did you choose to do Ripple 2017? 

I was sent some information about the event and after learning about Project Hope and what it does for orphans and the fatherless I couldn’t say no.

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Why are you passionate about Project Hope and its Mission? 

After I heard about Project Hope I did some research and found them to be an organization I could get behind and fully support its mission. My wife and I are both in the food industry and passionate to see children’s needs met.

What is your favorite Dish to prepare? 

Really its anything with eggs. Eggs are so versatile.

Trey Winkle 2What is a Fun Fact about you?

I like to play music…mostly the acoustic guitar, drums and organ.

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