Spend a memorable evening with one of Tulsa’s most celebrated chefs, Devin Levine of the Cox Business Center! Chef Levine has generously donated an extraordinary four-course dinner for twelve (12) in the home of the highest bidder. This item is exactly what you need for celebrating that special day you have coming up or maybe just a perfect reason to get together with your closest friends.

Devin Levine hosts an impressive resume from his 40-plus years in the food service industry in Tulsa. Some of his most notable career achievements include serving as executive chef for three major golf championships while at Southern Hills Country Club (1994 & 2007 PGA Championships, 2001 USGA Open Championship), serving as a guest chef for five Master’s Golf Tournaments in Augusta, Ga., and serving as a guest chef for the 2012 NATO Summit in Chicago, Ill. where he prepared lunch for President Barack Obama.

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